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POTTR Support

For those people testing and using POTTR, we have the latest SNMP MIP file available.  See the link below. The POTTR website is now live.  Check it out….. POTTR SNMP MIB file available HERE.  

POTTR – Telephone Line Monitoring

POTTR is a stand alone analog telephone line (POTS line) tester and network attached responder.  POTTR maintains communication integrity of analog phone lines by testing and remotely reporting (via SNMP) any negative condition on the line.  POTTR is perfect for verifying security alarm, E911, and other critical phone line installations.  Go to the POTTR website:  […]

Jambé – New Electronic Drum

Jambé is a new type of electronic drum, using technology developed here in the Sensorpoint labs.  We combine our sensors and proprietary electronic scanning circuitry to map and track a person playing the drum, and feed that information into an iPad for gesture and sound processing.  The result is the most responsive electronic drums in […]


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